The Blue Jackets are finally a hot topic around the NHL, recently enjoying a franchise-record 8 game winning streak. This has a lot of people believing that this team is actually a playoff team. Yes, they did just lose their 3rd in a row, but the team is still doing things correctly. For one, they […]

I live outside of Columbus, very far outside of Columbus. My loyalties as a fan lie with the Blue Jackets, even though I am constantly trying to drag out-of-towners over 3 hours to NWA to attend a few games, here and there. (My official home is located on the highest point of the Appalachian Mountains […]

Simply, Nathan Horton. Lately, I’ve been running a “Moneypuck Series” over at Hooked on Hockey Magazine. I’ll have the next one up in the next day or two, focusing on Horton. For now, here’s a little primer. Horton came into Columbus looking for a smaller market team. After the weird drama and turmoil that occurred […]

I haven’t had an ample amount of free time lately, but I’m hoping to finally get this blog off of the ground. I’ve been following along with @mc79hockey for awhile now and his insight into the world of fancy stats is probably the best you can find. Yesterday he posted a visual that compares 5v5 […]

(Click each image to open and watch) Umberger almost had a primary assist on an Ovechkin goal Dubinsky SHG (Letestu in background was credited with assist. He was almost on the bench when Dubi scored) lolwiz this was 5 seconds before Ovi scored in overtime Bollololol yeah why not pick your nose on tv, high […]

What the Blue Jackets promised to be last season and what they actually are appears to be in contrast with each other. We’re all slowly starting to realize that the team is good, but still a while away from being really good or even great. If we take a step back from the madness that […]

All teams, good or bad, go through slumps. Just ask every team in the Metropolitan division. Meanwhile faithful fans suffer through the bad times hoping the team snaps out of it soon, progressively drinking more alcohol with each loss. The Blue Jackets are no exception. Obviously. Columbus had a pretty bad run over the past […]