Monthly Archives: December 2016

Lukas Sedlak and the Importance of Depth

Through the first 27 games the Columbus Blue Jackets’ leading goal scorer is Sam Gagner. With a goal last night in Edmonton he’s up to 12 on the season, scoring 21 points so far this season. He was the league’s overall third star of the week and is continuing to put up an impressive amount […]

Possession Metrics: Brandon Saad is Great

This is probably something I should have mentioned before beginning this series. My goal is to provide some context for fans. This isn’t for the mathematics majors or those who are aggressively seeking to quantify hockey. I respect what those people are doing to help us further our knowledge of the sport. Essentially, I’m just trying […]

Fake It Until You Make It

Throughout this season it’s been mentioned several times that John Tortorella is trying to get at least 65 shot attempts per game from his club. Any cliches I could mention about the Blue Jackets taking 60 shots on goal aside, perhaps it’s time to put some context to the magical number “65” and see if […]

Visualizing Corsi and the Blue Jackets

Almost three years ago I borrowed an idea from Fancy Stats legend Tyler Dellow and made a chart that helped us see how well the Blue Jackets were performing. I’ve decided to revisit that idea. The goal of this exercise is to help us see who is performing up to our expectations and who we […]