Personal Blog: Hello Again

Hey You

Well it has certainly been awhile since I sat down at a computer and typed something out with the intention of publishing it.

My life has been filled with other obligations and engagements in the past year or so and I’ve put writing on the back burner.

The biggest thing to happen to me was my wedding in August. I’ve officially resigned my post as the most eligible bachelor. My ex-girlfriend and I had been dating for four years and we’ve been married for three months. Marriage has proved itself to be a pleasant change at this early stage in our lives. A commitment to each other is a healthy thing to have in my opinion. A commitment to each other’s happiness, vision and financial state/success has enabled me to slowly see my life in a different perspective.

Beyond that final leap into total adulthood I was facing what some might call an identity crisis. I’m a truck driver. I’ve been driving a big rig for nearly a decade now and I have to admit that I was slightly embarrassed by my job title for awhile. That’s not really the case anymore. I’m good at it. I’m good at avoiding all the bad drivers on the road and dealing with a vehicle that weighs 60,000 pounds in bad weather on mountain roads. I’m good at navigating places quickly and efficiently. I’m good at unloading 48 foot trailers piece by piece, quickly and efficiently. I’m excited by the fact that I get to go to a different place everyday.

It’s one of those “technical” or “skilled” jobs that requires a person to discover firsthand whether they can cut it or not. I’ve never been one to not make the cut. I’m fucking proud of that.

I have been grinding my whole life, holding an actual paying job since I was 13. Paper routes, restaurants, the Navy, trucking. Everything I own or experienced (like visiting every state) I earned. Once again, I’m very proud of that.


I’ve said enough at this point. The whole idea here was to get me writing again. The Jackets are fun again and I feel like talking about them a little more in-depth so I’ll hopefully bring this site back up and operational. Plus I’ll be adding more personal blogs like this one which I’ll use as a more unique way to express myself directly. We’ll see what happens.

One last thing, if you like cigars hit me up. I’ve developed quite a collection recently and wouldn’t mind talking, trading and recommending cigars to other Brother’s and Sister’s of the leaf.


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